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Cornish bikers knew the reason why they gathered together on Sunday 25th September.  They formed one leg of nationwide protest ride, travelling at 40 mph along the A30 to raise awareness of new EU Directives that would have a deep impact on them.

Moorlanders MCC Mag Start Point at the Kings Head
Moorlanders MCC MAG Start PointMoorlanders MCC Start PointMoorlanders MCC MAG Start Point at the Kings Head
Their concern is that increased legislation will not only unfairly restrict and single-out motorcycle users, but will put many custom and repair firms out of business, and impose additional work onto the local police force – especially now that Devon & Cornwall Police have scrapped their traffic unit in the wave of cut backs.
Moorlanders MCC MAG Demo Run
Moorlanders MCC hosted one of the 110 start points that saw 40,000 bikers on the UK main arterial roads, in an event organised by the Motorcycle Action Group.  Vice Chairman, Richard Hallett said, 'Moorlanders MCC is a non political Club, but this will effect every rider.  It is very important we all oppose it.’  

The ride, a nationwide event organised by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) was intended to draw attention to a raft of EU proposals aimed at motorcycling. The local ride mirrors over 70 others that will take place around the UK at exactly the same time.

A proposed EU Regulation threatens the right of owners to modify their machines, and yet another one, which aims to harmonise roadworthiness testing, would single out motorcycles for regular roadside checks.

Besides the EUproposals, domestic legislation in France will undermine motorcycling as part of an integrated transport policy and the rights of those who ride, because the French Government intends to:
• Make all bikers wear high visibility/reflective clothing
• Prohibit filtering between cars in traffic jams
• Prohibit bikes over seven years of age from urban areas
Moorlanders MCC MAG Demo Run
MAG’s Campaigns Manager, Paddy Tyson said, “MAG is determined that the onus of blame should not be shifted to riders in an accident situation where a 3rd party didn’t actually look and conspicuity arguments are irrelevant. Both French and Irish Governments have failed to provide research to support their ideas and MAG is concerned that the insurance industry in the UK may impose compulsion, when educating all road users in hazard avoidance, would be more effective”.

 Regarding the EU Regulation, Paddy said “The motorcycle industry has been under severe pressure recently with new licensing directives dissuading riders and what our congested roads need are more bikes, not increased legislation to discourage them”.

The demonstration was also intended to express solidarity with French and Irish riders.

For more information about the local event contact Richard on 07738892089 or MAG Central Office 01926 844064

25th September 2011

Moorlanders MCC is a family friendly motorcycle club
meeting on Bodmin Moor in North Cornwall