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Motorbike Club in North Cornwall

Moorlanders MCC Patch

Welcome to the website of Moorlanders MCC - the family friendly motorcycle club in North Cornwall that holds the Easter Egg Run each year.

Moorlanders MCC Egg Run 2016

Hundreds of bikers faithfully joined in the Egg Run despite the wet and windy conditions on Easter Sunday this year.

The charity motorcycle event, now in its 19th year is held by Moorlanders MCC in association with Widows Sons South West Chapter. They gathered on Davidstow Airfield Easter Sunday morning to donate £5 and chocolate eggs, before being lead on a circular route around North Cornwall. 

Their journey took them through Boscastle, up to Bude for a stop at the Lock Gates Tea Room.

It ended at Bowden Derra care home, Polyphant, for a bar-b-que, live music and prize giving celebration of a job well done.  Here, they officially presented Bowden Derra with the wooden gazebo Moorlanders had built from the money raised at last year's Egg Run. 

Over £3,000 was raised on the day, and with collections still to be made, Moorlanders MCC is pleased they'll be making worthwhile donations to local children's charities.  These are Children's Hospice South West, Action for Children and the Special Needs units of Camelford primary and St Stephens CP school, Launceston.

Our complete set of photographs of the day are viewable on Facebook.

Moorlanders' video of the 2016 Egg Run is on YouTube

Hot food was served on the airfield by Big Al's Burger Bar, and portable toilets were provided from Cornwall Conveniences.  Many thanks to them for their support.

More photographs of the Egg Run at the airfield are on Peter Glaser, freelance photographer's website.


As with every year, Moorlanders Egg Run wouldn't be a success without the kind help and support of fellow bikers, local business and shops.  Here's the start of the many thank yous...

Widows Sons MBA

South West Chapter

Trophy Sponsorship:

Rainbow Spirit Crystal Shop

The Shoe Boy

Cornwall Conveniences

Raffle Donations:

J&S Motorcycles

Launceston Tyre Company

North Cornwall Motorcycles

Co-operative Supermarket


Conservative Club



Liberal Club

Mason's Arms

Cornish Maids

Stevens Home Hardware

Bonny Sue's Diner

The King Arthur's Lodge 7134

Kangaroo World Cargo


B & N Farm Foods


Live music by Wilderland




Moorlanders Motorcycle Club Summer 2015

The summer's here, and the time is right ... for riding on them roads ;) 

Here's some of the motorcycle rideouts, rallies and events in Cornwall and Devon that we've been enjoying:


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Events coming up:

Moorlanders Open Meeting -
Saturday 18th June 2016
at the King's Head

We currently hold our Open Club Meetings on the 3rd Saturday of the month, usually at the King's Head, Five Lanes, Altarnun

If you'd like to join in - please give us a shout first, in case we've a different start point or plans - beth@moorlandersmcc.co.uk

We're a small, local, family, fun-oriented and charity minded motorcycle club.

We've a wide range of ages and experience amongst our bikers, and we ride to the comfort level of all.

Moorlanders MCC current patch

Moorlanders MCC original patch

Here's some links to a few of our events in the past:                                                   
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Moorlanders MCC is a family friendly, charity based motorcycle club
meeting on Bodmin Moor in North Cornwall